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Is Pluralsight Worth It? Pluralsight Review

We’ve been premium Pluralsight members for over a year now and thought it was about time we shared our thoughts in the form of a review.

Most recently, our team has brushed up on Google Cloud Platform knowledge and delved into ‘big data’ with Hadoop! Its exciting stuff!

What is Pluralsight?

Pluralsight is subscription based online education platform that focuses on providing its users with technology training. It provides both video and interactive training courses that can be accessed in a variety of ways including through a web browser or mobile app. Pluralsight is extremely popular with developers, data analysts and IT professionals.

Is Pluralsight worth it?

The short answer is Yes. Whether you want to trial Pluralsight absolutely free for 10 days or use it as your primary learning platform, it’s an excellent choice to improve your tech skills. We believe Pluralsight is well worth the money.

How many courses does Pluralsight offer?

There are over 7,100+ courses available across 200+ curated paths. New courses are added daily in order to introduce new topics of interest or in reaction to language/framework/software changes.

What subjects does Pluralsight cover?

Do you aspire to be a great developer, analyst or IT professional? If so Pluralsight is probably for you! The site offers 200+ curated paths to cater for professionals or aspiring professionals within one or more of the following areas:

  • Software Development
  • IT Operations
  • Creative
  • Information & Cyber Security
  • Data
  • Business
  • Manufacturing and Design
  • Architecture and Construction
Completion certificate
Completion Certificate ribbon

Do I get a certificate of completion for each course completed?

Pluralsight provides a certificate of completion for each course you complete. These are rather handy to print out and stick on the wall or demonstrate to employers that you’re driven and passionate. They don’t look particularly fancy, but its what they represent that counts!

Are the courses of a high quality?

Some online platforms provide materials of dubious quality due to limited or in some cases ZERO control of what the authors upload. Pluralsight uses expert authors and regularly updates the content to ensure its of the highest quality. Pluralsight also makes the authors expertise and ratings very clear, so we recommend you check some of them out here.

We would certainly like to express that there isn’t anything more frustrating than attempting to carry out an exercise, only to find that it no longer works because the library’s are outdated, the syntax has changed or the UI looks completely different!

How good is the User Interface? And is there an app?

If you’re spending long days studying at home or in unusual places, its important that the User Interface (UI) is up to scratch! Pluralsight has done an excellent job with their e-learning platform as its very intuitive and easy to navigate. The video player is also much better than some of the competition; the video and audio is clear, the playback it smooth and it allows you to annotate and save sections of interest. All of these things we see as essential, but its surprisingly how wrong some platforms get it! We hope to see other providers invest more in UX and technology.

There are also Android and IOS phone apps which are excellent. They allow you to download courses to the apps for offline viewing, which is perfect for traveling.

Apparently, there is also an app for Roku devices and Fire TV. Yes, we are as surprised as you are! Unfortunately, we haven’t had the opportunity to try either, but it’s good to know ‘just in case’.

Monthly vs. annual subscription?

It costs $35 USD to subscribe on a rolling basis (which can be cancelled at any time). This equates to $420 USD over 12 months. On the other hand, if you pay $299 USD up front, you get a full year’s subscription which equates just under $25 USD a month and a $121 USD saving.

We recommend going for the yearly subscription and cancelling if you don’t like it within the first week!

Pluralsight also offers a premium subscription, but we’ll cover that below!

Is Pluralsight premium worth it?

Premium is just like the personal version, except you get a few addition features.

  • Practice exams for certification – because practice makes perfect. Not required, but certainly a nice to have.
  • Projects – real world scenarios to give you experience problem solving, creating and developing. Read more here! We love this and wished more platforms would take this approach.
  • Interactive courses – since mid-2018, Pluralsight have begun adding interactive courses where you can try coding hands on. This library is rapidly growing with a variety of mark up and languages available, including: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Python and C#.

If you learn better when ‘hands on’ and the projects or interactive courses are of interest, then you should certainly consider premium. If those features don’t really appeal, then we’d recommend sticking to personal.

Pluralsight-DataCamp Partnership?

 Pluralsight also enables you access to some DataCamp courses through a special partnership! If you’re interested in data science, statistics or machine learning then you should definitely sign up!

Enough of the positives, what are the downsides?

  • Pluralsight ONLY offers technology focused courses. So check they have courses you are interested in before signing up.
  • Memberships are set to auto renew, so make sure you turn auto renew off!
  • There are some outdated courses floating around, so check that the course/s your interested in have been updated.


We give Pluralsight a very respectable 8.5/10

Thanks for reading.