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Is DataCamp Worth It? DataCamp Review

What is DataCamp?

DataCamp is a subscription based, online e-learning platform designed to provide students with interactive data science courses that can kick-start their career.

What can I learn?

There are several key areas including: programming, data manipulation, probability & statistics, machine learning, data visualisation and even applied finance. DataCamp offers career tracks for aspiring data scientists, data analysts and programmers. Python and R form the backbone of nearly all courses available, but you’ll also be able to learn SQL, GIT, Shell and how to manipulate spreadsheets.

Most courses consist of embedded videos, coding and questionnaires, but there are also projects that are designed to enable you to solve real world problems using real data sets.

Should I Study R or Python?

DataCamp currently offers two tracks for data scientists. Python and R. Whilst Python is generally preferred by computer scientists and programmers, R is generally chosen by academic researchers and statisticians.

R language versus python language
R versus Python… A fight to the death?

We generally recommend Python, as its an excellent general purpose language that is easy to learn for beginners. It’s also heavily backed by the data science community and its popularity in 2019 has reached an all time high.

According to the TIOBE index (May 2019), Python was the 4th most popular popular programming language. R on the other hand is currently the 21st most popular language and has started to drop, despite the growing popularity of data mining and artificial intelligence.

How much does DataCamp cost?

For individuals, subscriptions can be purchased monthly or yearly. It costs $49 monthly or $25 dollars monthly. By purchasing for a year, you’ll save $288!

Is DataCamp worth it?

In short, YES. We loved the Data Scientist with Python Course. The DataCamp platform is on par with many other online learning platforms such as Pluralsight and if you’re looking to take up data science, its a serious contender. There also an almost endless stream of content if you’re looking to hone your knowledge of Python or R and its continually being refined and added to.

Our only criticism is that at times, we felt that there should be less guidance during some of the exercises. For example, during some of the coding exercises, most of the code would be pre-filled and only require a single line or instruction to be added.

Does DataCamp provide certificates?

Yes, when you complete a course or track, you’ll be provided with a downloadable certificate.

What else is included?

Can I try DataCamp for free?

Individuals can access all first chapters of the courses available absolutely free. You can also test out the Android and IOS mobile apps without committing to the subscription.

Once you’ve completed the introduction chapters, you’ll be prompted to sign up!

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About DataCamp

DataCamp Inc was founded in 2013 by Dieter De Mesmaeker, Jonathan Cornelissen and Martijn Theuwissen. It offers subscription based, interactive data science courses for businesses and individuals. It is also backed by a number of investors and there are DataCamp offices in New York, London and Leuven (Belgium).

The founders are on a mission:

“to democratize data science education by building the best platform to learn and teach data skills and make data fluency accessible to millions of people and businesses around the world.”