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Best Java Course on Udemy

Dealing with too much choice? Sometimes its easier to simply let someone research the answers for you!

We’ve complied a variety of different Java courses available on Udemy below, but if you’ve never coded before or are an experienced developer looking to brush up on your Java skills, we’d recommend you simply click this link.

Beginner looking for a quick Java crash course?

If you’re looking to dip your toes into Java development and have no prior programming experience, we’d thoroughly recommend taking the Java Programming crash course. This tutorial been condensed down to just 12.5 hours and provides and excellent base to move to more advanced topics. Its been created by seasoned trainers and is understandably one of the highest rated Java courses available on Udemy.

java programming

Seeking a full Java master class?

We recommend Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers by Tim Buhalka and Goran Lochert. Its the best selling Java course on Udemy and for great reasons!

This course covers everything from getting an environment set up and understanding what variables are, to abstraction. This master class is fantastic for beginners without any coding experience and intermediate developers looking to brush up on certain topics such as concurrency or interacting with databases.

Many users cover the core modules, before jumping to the in depth topics later in the course they are actively looking to tackle. After all, the course has almost 80 hours of video across 36 classes!

Interested in Android app development with Java?

Android O & Java – The Complete Android Development Bootcamp‘ is recommenced for users without any android app development experience. So if you have no coding experience or have only previously developed apps using iOS, then this course is perfect.

Experienced developers, may want to consider leveraging Kotlin, a programming language that has seen significant adoption with android development since being first introduced by JetBrains in 2011. Udemy even has a Kotlin focused android development bootcamp.

android developers

Best Udemy Java EE course? (Java Enterprise)

If you have a basic understanding of Java, but would like to get to grips with common frameworks used by professional software engineers at enterprises, then look no further. Java EE on Udemy covers common frameworks, tools and patterns when using Java. In particular: Vaadin (web UI framework), Spring boot (framework) and Maven (build automation).

Want to learn Spring Framework 5?

If you already know the basics of Java, but would like to getting a better understanding of more advanced concepts such as OOP, MVC, CRUD operations, etc using a popular framework like Spring. Chad Darby has created ‘Spring and Hibername for Beginners‘ that delivers just that.

An honorary mention also goes out to the ‘Java Spring tutorial masterclass‘, but in 2019, this course is slightly outdated and currently undergoing a refresh.

Java Spring Framework

Best Selenium WebDriver course?

If you’d like to jump start your career as a test / QA engineer using Selenium WebDriver, then the ‘complete step by step java for testers course‘ is perfect. Its a short (8 hours), concise training course that requires no prior programming or automation experience.

If you’re already an experienced test engineer or are looking for an extremely in depth course, we would recommend ‘Selenium WebDriver with Java -Basics to Advanced+Frameworks

Want to become an Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)?

Udemy offers a number of courses specifically designed to help you study for and pass the Oracle Java SE 8 programmer I and II exams (1Z0-808 and 1Z0-809).

The two courses for ‘Java SE 8 Programmer I’ that stand out are:

If you’re already an experienced Java developer, but want to ensure you can pass the exam, we’d recommend just taking the OCA 1Z0-808 practice test course. It a low price course that simply offers several practice exams to ensure you know exactly what to expect when you come to take the exam.

Once you’ve completed 1Z0-808, you can move onto practicing for the Oracle Certified professional course (1Z0-809).

Free Udemy Java Courses?

Unsurprisingly, Udemy does offer a number of free Java tutorials, many of which are created to build trust and ultimately incentivize users to pay for complete courses.

For beginners, we’d recommend Java for Absolute Beginners by Ashok Tulachan. It teaches all core programming concepts in Java, but doesn’t offer the depth or frequency of updates that some of the courses like the
Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers offers.

Final thoughts…

If you’re still anxious about purchasing a training course, just remember that Udemy offers a free, 30 day money-back guarantee for any courses purchased from their site. So if you’re unhappy once you’ve chosen a course, simply visit their ‘refund a course page‘. (Providing you haven’t purposely downloaded all of the content for offline consumption or have requested multiple refunds over a period of time.)